installation instructions

General information

for paving stones and slabs

Our products are manufactured in such a way that they can be installed quickly and easily. Please note that you only hire specialist companies to lay your stones and slabs! All installation and processing instructions given here are non-binding recommendations for which we assume no liability.

  • color and structure differences

    Concrete products are made from natural aggregates. So it is only logical that our products can usually show very small differences in color and structure – for example due to the inherent color of the cement. ven with the most careful production, colour and structure variations cannot be completely avoided. Our tip: Lay from several pallets at the same time to achieve a uniform, natural appearance!

  • Dimensional deviations

    Our concrete products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities. Nevertheless, minimal dimensional deviations can always occur, they are also permissible according to European standards and generally play no role during installation. By the way: Differences in the height of the stone are easily compensated by shaking or knocking into the bed of chippings.

  • Lime efflorescence

    When cement hardens, it splits off hydrated lime, which can reach the stone surface. These lime efflorescences do not affect the mechanical properties and natural appearance of our products at all. Weather conditions such as rain or snow and normal wear and tear cause the efflorescence to disappear by itself after some time.

  • Flaking of edges and cracks

    With modern concrete products it is possible to design more diverse ideas than with any other building material. In permanent use, however, this natural material cannot completely rule out minor edge chipping, break-offs and hairline cracks on slabs, paving stones and kerbstones.