Paving stones are the oldest road building materials in human history and a good alternative to asphalt pavement. They are mostly used in traffic-calmed areas or where monument protection requires it.

Behaton, Gray and Red


Curbs are a separation of outdoor areas and at the same time give the area a frame. Even a classic boundary of your living space draws everyone’s attention.

Curb, Grey


So that the paved surface retains its functionality and beauty in the long term. It must be ensured that rainwater can drain off quickly enough, otherwise puddles, black ice and damage can occur. Our drainage channel is therefore functionally very valuable and blends in well with the streetscape.

Drainage channel, grey


The design possibilities of paving stones with different shapes and colors are ideal for visual differentiation in the street area. In this way, pedestrian crossings or parking spaces can be displayed without any problems.

Classic, grey and creamwhite