Laying pattern

Gestalten mit Platten und Pflastersteinen aus Beton

The laying pattern is decisive for the effect of a surface. Different formats, colors and joint divisions lighten up every surface. Areas laid with only large or small stones appear either expanded or limited.

Design isn’t everything. The function must also be guaranteed. Good planning and compliance with the technical rules for the execution of the work together form the basis for a long service life. In practice, the combination of different materials has proven itself. Some classic paving stone bonds are shown here as examples of the many design options.


The stones are arranged regularly. Due to the continuous joints in both directions, this type of installation is suitable for areas that are not subject to excessive stress, such as terraces, balconies or access balconies.


The stones of every second row are arranged offset by 1/3 to 1/2 stone. This interrupts one direction of the joint and lighten up the surface. This laying pattern achieves better load-bearing capacity, for example on terraces, paths, courtyards and driveways.


With this bond, both joint directions are interrupted. The stones are laid at right angles to the reference line. This results in a very good composite effect for heavily used areas, such as terraces, paths and driveways.


In this association, the stones are laid diagonally to the reference line. This results in a very good load-bearing effect for heavily used areas. Very suitable for trafficable areas.