Mix & Match

Geben Sie ihrer Fläche einen Rahmen

Giving a picture a frame makes it look a lot more interesting. This also applies to surface fasteners that are provided with straps and end strips.

Tiziano, granite grey-white with anthracite banding

Antike trifft Moderne

Ready for some contrast? Discover a variety of options such as modern panel systems combined with antique elegance

Finessa, white with Caesar, antracit

Ein klassisches, kontrastreiches Muster

Our classic brings a modern touch to the environment and is one of the most creative and flexible paving stones on the market. Available in many colors and shapes, meaningful combinations become endless.

Classic in gray and anthracite

Verschiedene Farben und Formen

The combination of different colors reflects our hybrid lifestyle. Similar to the color choices, the shapes also blend together. The mix of different styles can be fluently combined and create a calm and relaxing path.

Caesar, Moravian Clay with Classic in Red and Gray