Frühwald Protect®

High quality is our standard

It is the interlocking of clear standards, strict quality controls and an experienced team that ensures the high quality of our products. Quality is reflected in product development and design, the selection of raw materials and the production process. Extra we attach great importance to the durability of our products. We achieve this through hydrophobization and impregnation, so that they meet the requirements for frost and de-icing salt resistance.

Continuously hydrophobic

Many of our products are completely hydrophobic. The water-repellent effect of the hydrophobization increases the service life of the products.

This is how it works:

  • The active ingredient used covers the inner pore and capillary surfaces and reduces the water absorption of the concrete block.
  • As the pores and capillaries are not completely closed, the stone remains “breathable”.
  • This significantly increases the frost and de-icing salt resistance of the product.

The advantages at a glance:

  • the water absorption is reduced
  • the efflorescence behaviour is reduced


Premium product: impregnated as standard

Our premium products are impregnated as standard. On request, you can of course obtain all products in our range impregnated for specific projects. Standard impregnated products are marked with „Frühwald Protect®“

Impregnation with Frühwald Protect®

The Frühwald Protect® concrete impregnation penetrates into the mineral surface of concrete products and combines with the structure. The pores and capillaries are not closed but only lined. This thin-layer wetting preserves the natural surface appearance, structures and colors are retained. The hydrophobic surface created in this way can be easily cleaned and the beauty of the surfaces and paths is preserved for a long time.



The advantages at a glance:

  • Increased colour intensity
  • Improved UV resistance
  • Optimized frost and deaf resistance
  • Easier cleaning
  • Better appearance – durable