Frühwald Protect®

High quality is our standard

At Frühwald, quality is made up of many components: It is the interlocking of high standards, strict quality controls and an experienced team which, with know-how and creativity, forms the basis for first-class products.

Completely hydrophilized

Many of the Frühwald products are completely hydrophobized. The all-round hydrophobic effect of this method significantly increases the lifetime of the products and meets the requirements for frost-thaw resistance. The blooming behavior of the products is significant reduced.

Impregnation gives the surface a protective beading effect.

Impregnation with Frühwald Protect®

The concrete impregnation “Frühwald Protect®” penetrates the mineral surface of concrete products and bonds with the respective structure.

In that process, pores and capillaries are not closed, but only lined. This thin-layer wetting preserves the natural surface appearance. Structures and colors remain permanently beautiful. The hydrophobic surface can be easily cleaned and the visual quality of the surface is maintained for a long time.

More than a advantage for your favorite place!

+ Increase colour intensity
+ Improved UV resistance
+ Optimized frost and deaf resistance
+ Easy cleaning
+ Better appearance
+ weathering-resistant



With Frühwald Protect

Without surface protection