Our Claim

Quality with every stone

Quality and sustainability from A to Z

When it comes to surface paving for a wide variety of applications, we at Frühwald have something very fundamental in common with our customers: the highest demands.

We believe that this is a necessary condition, not only for the end product, but for its entire development phase:

  • Our creative teams are always on the lookout for new surface designs. This applies to individual bricks, a stone compound or combination solutions, where the finished surface is combined with walls and other building elements.
  • In the laboratories we find the optimal material mixture for a long-lasting product.
  • In manufacturing, the production teams monitor the quality of each individual stone at all stages of its fabrication process.
  • The warehouse and distribution logistics exclusively use certified packaging and delivery processes until the carefully layered pallet has arrived safely at our distribution partner or end user.

It goes without saying that all processes are guided by the aspect of sustainability: We do not merely pay lip service to the protection of people and the environment, but put it into practice!

Product development: systematic research and work

In order to reaffirm its position as an innovation leader both regionally and internationally, Frühwald must regularly update its extensive product range – year after year. This means that the machinery is always up to date and that the latest technologies are permanently used.

This applies not only to technology, fleet and machines, but also to our employees. Because this way of thinking also requires ongoing investments in the training and further education of our employees – because quality is created through qualification and know-how.