top garden trends 2019/20

The trend to more awareness for our life has become more important in every area. Calm, cozy and stylish should be also our garden - that is one of the most important rules for the future.

Here are the main trends of the upcoming season.


1. “Cocooning“ in the garden

Make it yourself comfortable at home, pull back and increase the feel-good factor that means cocooning. The private garden has become a place to relax. The implementation is so easy and uncomplicated with the extensive range of outdoor equipment of Frühwald.



2. Your garden – the extended living room

The garden is becoming more and more important and is an integral part of the living space. The style of the living rooms is also transferred to the garden. The trend colors are reflected on terrace tiles and paving stones. From classical, natural and modern to discreet and elegant or from light to dark: all desired styles can be used without limit.


3. Bring nature home

Another trend is to bring nature home. Adapted to a natural look and structure of materials such as sandstone, marble or wood are among our surface designs. With accents of different materials and colors, your natural spaces are transformed into garden dreams.



4. Walls and fences rediscovered

The trend towards flowering fences and embankments will be implemented in many gardens. A fence is a must in many gardens if you want to keep a little privacy and not be in the eye-catcher. With antique bricks you can create an idyllic home. Even a classic limitation of your living space attracts everyone’s attention.


5. Small gardens very big

Large-format elements give small areas a spaciousness and openness. New techniques make it easier to produce and move large formats. With the right plate systems, a small paradise can be created from every small area.