Open door days in Dicmo, Croatia

In Dicmo, on June 20, 2018, we organized the Open Doors Day for Business Partners and Citizenship, on the occasion of restoring the company’s production process. More than 65 visitors joined us on a tour of the new production facility and production demonstration. The guests were mostly business partners who had the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the products they are interested in.

This way we wanted to introduce a new and renewed Frühwald product range, to show which investments we have made since the beginning of this year and the fruits of our work. Behind us there are seven months of hard work, but what we got in return was worth it. In addition to the renovation and modernization of the production facility, we invested a lot of effort in marketing and sales development. In addition to two new catalogs, we have new display boards, promo materials, web site, refurbished offices, refurbished look of the office building. We have employed seven new workers and will soon start production in two shifts. By working in two shifts, we want to intensify the delivery of our products and do everything we can to compensate for the missed jobs we were forced to postpone or cancel due to investment works.

The gathering started in the afternoon, followed by short speech by Director Anita Bralić. All the guests then went on a tour of the production plant and warehouse where Frühwalda employees were available for all questions. The guests saw the demonstration of the production and were informed about future plans.
After the tour followed a relaxed gathering with food, drink and music, until late evening hours.
Anita Bralić: „Over the past couple of months we have focused our attention on renewal and investment in production. With this day we tried to show all our partners and customers that the investments are over, and that our attention will be directed only to them! I thank all our partners for the patience and trust you have shown us in this transitional period. But we feel that you will be happy with future because „Frühwald d.o.o.“ is only producer in the region of Dalmatia who produces premium products!“

We want to thank everyone once again for visiting and supporting us, and we promise we will soon be joining again!